Investigations Lessons that Support the Standard

Common Core Alignment

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Investigations Alignment Documents

Investigations Alignment
Additional Extension Content for K
Correlation of CC
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Unit 3 Condensing Ideas (from HCPSS Early Childhood Office)

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Unit 4 Resources

Unit 4 Instructional Plan
Unit 4 Session 1-6A
Unit 4 Session 1-6B
Unit 4 Inst. Guide.png
Unit 4 Session 1-6C
Unit 4 Resource Masters

Resouce master.png

Unit 4 Condensing Ideas (from Deep Run Elementary)

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Unit 6 Resources

Unit 6 Instructional Plan
Unit 6 Session 1-3A
Unit 6 Session 5A-1
Unit 4 Inst. Guide.png
Unit 6 1-3A.png
Unit 6 5 A-1.png
Unit 6 Session 5A-2
Unit 6 Session 5A-3
Unit 6 Session 5A-4
Unit 6 5A2.png
Unit 6 5A3.png
Unit 6 5A4.png
Unit 6 Session 5A-5
Unit 6 Resource Masters

Unit 6 5A5.png
Unit 6 Res Mast.png

Planning Tools

Quarterly Planning Sheets

(Tabs at the bottom of the worksheet are aligned with the weeks of the year.)
Planning Sheets Preview

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Planning Template for Primary Math Groups
(Created by Nena Hupp- Worthingtom ES)
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